Videos » Diagnostics » MiniScreen PRO: Thermistor and Nasal Cannula

What is this video about?

This Video explains the application of a nasal cannula with a Thermistor. It shows clearly how easy and safe nasal cannula and thermistor can be used simultaneously with MiniScreen PRO.

The MiniScreen Pro is a modern PSG System with up to 48 Channels. It is a modular System which makes it possible to customize every device individually.

The basic device with 10 Channels can get following options: Thermistor, 2 Leg Movements, 6 x ECG, PTT, Systolic blood pressure, NeuroPort, 6 x EEG, 2 x EOG, 1 x EMG, 8 x external Channels, Audio, Video, network integration (incl. Software for Application and Analyses), intelligent sleep diagnostics-analyses, easy configurations, automatic reports